Alina Kalancea is a tireless and methodical sonic explorer born in Romania.

Deep basses, dark atmospheres, heart-beating rhythms, water-dropping frequencies and electric spikes fit together with her voice creating overwhelming tracks full of subtle sounds generated with many different modular and non-modular tools that make her live performances unique. Alina Kalancea started as electronic music composer in 2012 and since then she has been exploring different areas of the electronic music and mastering a full range of its instruments in order to find and develop her own personal sound through experimentation in the studio and in live performances. With that proposal she has been initiated in sound design and synthesis by Enrico Cosimi (Professor of Electronic Music at University of Rome Tor Vergata), and has collaborated with Steven Thomas (Professor of Physics at Queen Mary University of London) and Alex Gámez aka Asférico (Head of Störung).

Nowadays, she combines her work as sound artist, with her debut album ‘The 5th Apple’ recently released by Störung, with being the official collaborator (builder and assembler) for Digitana Electronics.